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Jacksonville, Share Your Story with Us!

While Jacksonville has great examples of sidewalks, bike lanes, and safe crosswalks, there also are places that desperately need sidewalks and more to increase safety. We'd love to know. What's your experience?


Do you have a story about a place you like to walk, run or bike? Or about a place you wish you could, but can't due to lack of sidewalks, bike lanes or crosswalks? Click here to share with us!

Right now, the American Heart Association is working on a Complete Streets campaign in Jacksonville. The term "complete streets" describes roads that allow safe and convenient travel for everyone who uses them and for all modes of transportation. These streets have street crossings, accessible sidewalks, and bicycle lanes that make it easy to walk to shops, bike to work, or cross the street to and from a bus stop.

We'd love to know how sidewalks, bike lanes and crosswalks help you right now, or can help you in the future!

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