Voters Support Penny for Pinellas

On November 7, Pinellas County voters overwhelmingly approved renewing the Penny for Pinellas sales tax.

hero_image_alt_text===A complete streets roadway
thumbnail_alt_text===A complete streets roadway

The penny tax is expected to generate more than $2 billion from 2020 - 2030 that will be shared among the county and its 24 cities to fund long-term capital infrastructure projects. According to, "Governments will use the money on an array of projects, such as sewer upgrades, road paving, recreation centers and equipment for first responders."

The American Heart Association supports the Penny for Pinellas sales tax because part of the funds will build complete streets, which are roads that allow safe and convenient travel for everyone who uses them and for all modes of transportation. These streets have street crossings, accessible sidewalks, and bicycle lanes that make it easy to walk to shops, bike to work, or cross the street to and from a bus stop. They're safe, people-friendly, and support good health by making it easier and safer for people to be physically active while going around town.

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