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First Major City To Pass Sugary Drink Tax Is..


Earlier this month, Philadelphia became the first major U.S. city to pass a sugary drink tax, scoring a significant win for kids and public health- while defeating a very formidable opponent, Big Soda, which spent millions of dollars trying to defeat the proposal. The City Council has approved a budget, which includes a 1.5 cents per once tax on sugary drinks to fund citywide Pre-K, community schools, parks, libraries, and recreation centers.

With this win, Philadelphia joins Berkley, CA (the first U.S. city to pass a sugary drink tax), Mexico, the Navajo Nation, and the United Kingdom in passing a measure to help reduce sugary drink consumption and lower rates of diabetes, heart disease, stroke and other chronic diseases.

As governors and mayors struggle with budgets and the high costs of chronic diseases, considering taxes on sugary drinks are an effective strategy to fund much-needed health programs throughout their communities. As the fifth largest city in the nation, Philadelphia’s exemplary public health leadership provides an inspiring example for other cities from coast to coast!


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