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Fighting for the Health of Women to Honor Go Red Day!


Sadie is not a nice cat, but she was willing to humor me so that I could have a picture accompany my blog today. As a working mom, I am juggling a few balls in the air. Although my daughter was able to get to school on time this morning, I was not able to take her picture in her red dress. She was in her snow pants before I remembered. So, Sadie will have to suffice.

Working women, especially moms, don’t have much spare time. That is why it is imperative that public policy help make evidence-based information and healthy environments readily accessible. We should not have to work to find a healthy, safe environment for our families.

The American Heart Association has worked for decades to provide smoke-free environments, prevent kids from wanting to smoke, requiring restaurants to tell us the calories in our food, improve school nutrition and fund cardiovascular research and programs. We will continue with this work for the decades to come.

I am proud to be part of the American Heart Association family and I hope you are too. 

Don't forget to check out FMI on how you can keep your own heart healthy--and the hearts of the ones you love.

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