Pamela Goes to Washington D.C.


Guest Blogger: Pamela Dell

Federal Lobby Day on the Hill with the American Heart Association was incredible.  Working with Adrean Cavener, Director of Government Affairs and being able to meet with Idaho Congressmen was the most awesome experience.  I loved the Medical Research Rally in Washington DC and being part of advocacy that makes a difference for all  Americans.   I am confident our Congressmen will serve to restore the National Institute of Health funding needs in support of our nation continuing to "LEAD" in medical research.  Educating the masses with regards to blood pressure issues is critical in our countries health initiatives.  GO Million Hearts Campaign! I hope all individuals will get in touch and know their "Numbers"... Take your BP and test your cholesterol! My history and experiences with NIH are near and dear to my HEART.   I am so very honored to be a part of advocating for Heart Health in 2013!


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