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Featured on CNN!


Roberto Bolli, M.D., a cardiologist at the University of Louisville, was recently featured on CNN's Life's Work, a series that highlights innovators and pioneers who are making a difference in the world of medicine.

Dr. Bolli found that injecting a patient's own stem cells into their heart can repair damaged heart cells that died from loss of oxygen during a heart attack. Patients who received the treatment saw scar tissue replaced by working heart muscle. In the CNN interview, Dr. Bolli discusses his findings and his hopes to start a larger trial in the near future. Dr. Bolli is editor-in-chief of the AHA journal Circulation Research, a 2010 recipient of the AHA's Award of Meritorious Achievement, and a past member of our board of directors. At the University of Louisville, he is chief of cardiology and director of the Institute of Molecular Cardiology.   

Dr. Bolli reminds all of us how important our advocacy work is especially when it comes to advocating for increased research funding. To learn more about current efforts in your state to improve everyone’s overall heart health and to show your legislators that these are important to you, please visit our Take Action center to send your supportive message today and encourage others to send a message through Facebook.

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