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Expanded Medical Insurance Coverage in Utah is on the Horizon!


Governor Herbert recently announced that he would be calling for a Special Legislative Session to address Medicaid Expansion within the next few months. This is great news for many families in the State of Utah but there is still much work to be done. We need you to contact your legislators and let them know why this is such an important issue.

In 2011, hospital charges for cardiovascular disease alone exceeded $600 million in Utah.¹ And in 2013, more than 4,000 Utahns died from cardiovascular disease and stroke, the number one cause of death in Utah.² There is no question that if there was an increased access to care and an opportunity for individuals to affordably visit their healthcare provider, many of these lives would not have been lost. In addition, if low-income Utahns remain uninsured and without access to services to manage their risk factors and chronic conditions, they will seek emergency care as complications develop, which will only further burden our state’s health care system.

Here is more information on the issue:

  • The “Gang of Six” made up of Governor Herbert, Lieutenant Governor Spencer Cox, House Speaker Greg Hughes, Mouse Majority Leader Jim Dunnigan, Senate President Wayne Neiderhauser, and Senator Brian Shiozawa, have been meeting throughout the summer to discuss a plan that will best fit Utah. They have met with Health and Human Services Secretary Burwell on several occasions to ensure their plan will fit with federal guidelines.
    • Their proposed plan will expand state-run healthcare insurance to those families who make up to 138% of the Federal Poverty Level.
      • This means that a family of four who earn less than $33,465 per year would now be eligible for healthcare benefits.
  • The proposal will protect the state budget by asking stakeholders like medical providers, hospitals, and the pharmaceutical industry to cover the cost.
    • This ensures that other important issues in Utah like Education, won’t see precious funds taken from them to cover the cost.
  • The proposal ensures that families of the “working poor” are able to access health coverage.
  • The “working poor” are those who do have jobs, but that have employers who either do not offer medical insurance or the amount of hours they are offered do not qualify them for certain benefits. Surveys have shown that of those who would benefit, more than 66% of this population have at least one job. This will help protect Utah’s working families.

Please take the time to reach out to your locally elected officials and encourage them to support Utah’s efforts to expand medical insurance coverage for the Utahns who need it the most!

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