Exciting Day at the Capitol

I have some exciting news to share!  California Assembly and Senate leaders joined a broad coalition, including the American Heart Association, in support of a package of legislation aimed at reducing consumption of sugary drinks in California. 

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thumbnail_alt_text===A group of people standing behind a podium

Some of the key bills include: 

Assembly Bill 138 (Bloom): This bill would create the California Community Health Fund in the State Treasury via a sugary drink tax. Moneys in the fund would be used to diminish the human and economic costs of diabetes, obesity, and heart and dental disease in California. It is also the intent of the Legislature that moneys in the fund support health, education, and wellness programs designed to prevent and treat diabetes, obesity, and heart and dental disease, thereby reducing the burden of health conditions related to the overconsumption of sugary drinks.

Assembly Bill 765 (Wicks):  The purpose of this bill is to support shoppers by offering them the choice to avoid high-calorie, low-nutrient sugar-sweetened beverages when they do their grocery and other shopping.

Senate Bill 347 (Monning): This bill would require sugary beverages sold in California to have a safety warning label. 

The American Heart Association has been a leader in supporting multi-pronged approaches to addressing the toll consumption of sugary drinks has on Californians’ health and economic well-being and we look forward to partnering with you to continue to fight for good health for all.  

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