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Exciting Week in Ohio for Pulse Ox


The last week has been amazing!  Last Wednesday, the Senate Committee on Medicaid, Health and Human Services heard sponsor testimony on Senate Bill 4, the Newborn Healthy Hearts Bill.  Senator Manning did a wonderful job describing the critical need to advance this legislation. 

Then, on Tuesday, the committee met again to hear testimony from the public.  Three people testified, including Dr. Kerry Rosen, Chairman of the American Heart Association's Columbus Metro Board and Anne Curwen, a great volunteer from the Cleveland area, as well as the Capo family.  After the compelling testimony, the committee voted favorably on the bill.  In addition, three additional sponsors were added to the bill. 

The bill now moves to the full Senate, which is scheduled for Tuesday.  If you haven't already, please visit the action center or click here to send a message to your members.  Not only do we want a positive vote in the Senate next week, we want to maintain this momentum when the bill moves to the Senate.

Special thanks to Dr. Rosen and Anne Curwen.  Their testimony was informative and moving, and it was very much appreciated!



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