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Exciting Changes Ahead in New York City!


As you are likely aware, New York City is in the process of electing its first new Mayor in 12 years, as well as a new Public Advocate, City Comptroller, and more than a third of a new City Council.  While we look forward to the next session which will begin in January, we also anticipate a flurry of activity as the current session winds down.  With so many established leaders in NYC government leaving due to term-limits, their attention has become focused on the remaining months of their tenure and thus, their lasting legacy as city lawmakers.  We hope to push for stronger physical education requirements in NYC, as well as implementing CPR as a graduation requirement for all NYC high schools as part of the final Council meetings this session. If you live in New York City, please stay tuned to our You’re the Cure action alerts to stay abreast of all the action!

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