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Everyone Should Learn CPR


We know that CPR saves lives.  We know that more than 420,000 EMS assessed-out of hospital cardiac arrests occur in the United States each year – and most of them are fatal.  We also know that only 10% of victims who suffer a cardiac arrest outside of the hospital setting survive. Administering CPR immediately when someone goes down with a sudden cardiac arrest can double - even triple - a victim's chances for survival.  

Recently, a middle-school student collapsed on the gymnasium floor.  His parents and coach reacted immediately by getting the AED and giving him CPR.  Nate survived and is ready to go back to school.  

CPR changed the outcome for this young man.  If CPR is not given right away, by the time the paramedics get there, it's too late.  This is another amazing example of how CPR and AED saves lives.  We encourage all students in South Dakota to learn CPR.  We encourage the state of South Dakota to join more than 20 other states in the nation to require students to learn CPR before they graduate.  We know it can save lives.  

For more on this story, CLICK HERE.  

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