U.S. Senators: Support the Every Kid Outdoors Act

We’ve all heard the statistics about how much physical activity we need and how little of it the average American gets, leading to increased health risks. This trend is particularly worrisome in children, many of whom whittle away the hours playing video games on their couches.

Luckily, there is bi-partisan legislation that would get kids outside and moving. H.R. 3186, the Every Kid Outdoors Act ensures that a program at the Department of Interior, which gives fourth grade children free access to our nations most treasured natural resources, our national parks and lands. The bill, also allows up to three adults accompanying the fourth grader free access, increasing the likelihood that families will take advantage of this great and healthy opportunity. This legislation has passed the House of Representatives and now the Senate must act.

Whether it is walking, hiking, fishing or canoeing, there is an endless list of healthy activities that children and their families can do at our national parks and lands. Opening up opportunities to enjoy the outdoors is a part of the solution to combat major health risks that can stem from inactivity, like cardiovascular disease.

Please join me in contacting your U.S. Senators in support of the Every Kid Outdoors Act.

Developing an interest in healthy outdoor activities at an early age can have major impact in future health outcomes. We cannot miss this opportunity to pass a bi-partisan, impactful bill. Please encourage your U.S. Senators to support the Every Kid Outdoors act today and get the bill over the finish line.

Every Kid Outdoors Act

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