Every kid deserves quality physical education

Active kids learn better. But for far too many students in New York, quality physical education programs don’t exist. We’re working to ensure every student has access to quality PE.

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The American Heart Association | American Stroke Association is building a movement of parents, kids, educators, medical professionals, and advocates who want to ensure every kid – no matter where they live or what grade they are in – has access to physical education (PE).

When students get more time for PE they do better physically, mentally, and emotionally, which is good for kids and good for schools. Although New York City has made strides in recent years, schools across our city are still falling short of the academic standards that would ensure PE is equally and consistently provided to all kids. Many schools lack adequate space, equipment, and teaching staff to provide the quality PE that every student deserves.

Over the next few months, we’ll be ramping up our work alongside community partners and the national Voices for Healthy Kids initiative to improve the health of young people in our city. Click here to show your support and share the #PE4All campaign with your networks.


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