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Every Minute Counts. Mission: Lifeline Making an Impact in North Dakota


Through the efforts of the AHA and other stakeholder partners, Mission: Lifeline is having an impact on heart attack victims in North Dakota.  Doctors use data from an EKG to get a better picture of what`s going on before they treat the patient. In the past, the EKG was done when the patient got to the emergency room. Now, because of Mission: Lifeline, the EKG can be done in the ambulance and the results sent to the hospital.

Once the information from the EKG is obtained, it is transmitted immediately to a receiving hospital.  That vital information is verified by a cardiologist and the emergency department physician for an acute MI or STEMI. Hospital staff can then prepare for the arrival of that patient by ensuring their cath lab is availble and appropriate staff are in place. 

Recent KFYR news report outlines the impact that technology is having on heart care in North Dakota.  To read more, CLICK HERE.

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