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Serve Kids Better Denver has been endorsed by the following people and organizations! (Add your name below)

American Diabetes Association 
American Heart Association 
Colorado Dental Association 
Children’s Hospital Colorado
Denver Health
Kernel Communications
LiveWell Colorado 
Westwood Unidos
ViVe Wellness

Endorse Serve Kids Better Denver

We want to demonstrate how the Denver community supports a Healthy Kids’ Meal policy strategy to ensure our kids stay healthy and cultivate healthy eating behaviors as they grow up.

Endorsers who are organizations will be named on our website, education materials and included in marketing and communications materials, as possible. Endorsement means you are supportive of the policy strategy: ensuring the automatic drink that comes with a kid’s meal is a healthy one, milk or water.

What is the name of your organization?

Please only include this if you are endorsing on behalf of an organization. We will display the organization's name on our website, marketing and communications materials as possible.