News from the Capitol: End of Session Update

The Arkansas House and Senate adjourned sine die, bringing the end of the 2018 Fiscal as well as the accompanying special session.


There is good news coming out of the Capitol whirlwind that made up the past month – Arkansas Works funding was renewed. Senate Bill 30 which funds the Arkansas Department of Human Services’ Division of Medical Services needed 27 votes to pass the senate and that is exactly how many votes the bill received. It later passed the house and was signed by the Governor. In addition the federal government approved serious of waivers, one of which created a work requirement for able bodied Medicare beneficiaries. A waiver that would lower the income eligibility and potential kick 60,000 Arkansans off their health insurance was denied.

We also worked closely with lawmakers to ensure that Stroke and STEMI funding would be maintained and directed towards lifesaving programs such as the Stroke and STEMI registries. These registry programs are on the front lines of helping to ensure cardio vascular disease patients get the best quality of care.

Stay tuned for more information as we continue to work during the interim to educate lawmakers and advocates on issues that will be on our legislative agenda for session in 2019. It will be here before we know it! 

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