Election Day Wins in Texas

Tuesday, November 7th, was a big day for health when the voters decided to pass transportation bonds in Dallas, Houston and Travis County (Austin). These bonds will provide necessary funding to improve sidewalks, bike lanes, parks and trails in three of the biggest cities in Texas. Here's more information about each one: 



The Big D Passed “a perfect 10” propositions (A-J)– improving infrastructure in neighborhoods throughout the city that will make it easier for community members to get the exercise they need to lead healthy, active lives. We're particularly excited about Proposition A that will fund $534 million to improve streets and transportation and B that will fund $262 million to create, improve and expand parks and recreational facilities. 


75% of Houston voters approved proposition C for $104 million for improvements to and construction of neighborhood parks, recreation centers and better bike lanes, running and walking trails in the Bayou City. 

Travis County (Austin)

Last week, 73% of Travis County voters approved Propositions A and B which will provide close to $185 million for needed active transportation projects throughout the county. This funding will help create sidewalks, bike lanes, hike/bike trails, parkland and recreational facilities. At the recent Austin Heart Walk on October 21, we engaged over 500 people and collected thank you cards that will be delivered to the County Commissioners who took health equity into account when they considered the final list of projects.


Thank you to our volunteers and staff first for helping to raise awareness and spreading our messaging about the bonds, and second for heading to the polls and voting! 

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