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Election Season and Heart & Stroke Research


Tonight is the last Presidential debate, marking the home stretch of the campaign season.  I bet you've seen your fair share of candidate ads, news features, and campaign literature this season.  But at the end of the day, when you sift through all the information, the one thing most voters are looking for is where the candidates stand on the issues that matter most to you.  That’s why the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association is pleased to be a part of the Your Candidates, Your Health campaign, led by Research!America.

Together we are calling on Presidential and Congressional candidates to tell us what their commitment is to medical research funding. Candidates are asked to take a simple survey and their responses are shared on the Research!America website.  Take a moment to see if your candidates have responded yet- and if they haven't, send them a request to take the survey.   

Researchers and patients alike can agree that without a continued investment in research funding, many medical advances will never make it to the heart and stroke patients who need them.  So, before casting your vote on November 6th, do your research on where your candiates stand on medical research. 

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