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Election 2012: Who Won and What Comes Next




 Are you wondering who won in last week’s election?  Certainly the top races are announced through the media, but often times you may wonder where to find the information for your Senator or Representative.  You can view the election results on the NC State Board of Elections website:  In a few locations the election results are so close, that a recount will be done.  Never doubt that your vote counts. 

So now that the election is over, as an advocate what comes next?  What should you be doing between now and the start of the 2013 Legislative session?  Now is a good time for you to reach out to the newly elected officials and work on building your relationship with him or her.  You can start with a simple note to say, congratulations on winning the election, I am your constituent and an American Heart Association advocate.  Then you can add that the mission of the AHA is to build healthier lives, free of cardiovascular diseases and stroke.  Let your lawmaker know that you will be writing from time to time with key information about important health issues.  Make your note friendly and one that helps open the door for more communications between you and your lawmaker.

If you need more information about an issue, visit or contact Betsy Vetter at [email protected].  And remember once you have reached out to your lawmaker, let us know by recording your own action at the You’re the Cure action center:


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