One step closer to a complete Manhattan Greenway

Mayor Bill de Blasio announced a $101 million investment to close the East Harlem gap on the Manhattan Greenway

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Mayor de Blasio took another big step in completing the Manhattan Greenway by committing $101 million to close the gap between 125th and 135th Streets. This will give residents of the East Side of Manhattan – especially East and Central Harlem – and the South Bronx much-needed access to active living opportunities and a safe, direct bicycling route to the heart of Manhattan.

Click here to thank Mayor de Blasio for giving New Yorkers more opportunities for an active lifestyle, and to let your Council Member know that you support a complete Manhattan Greenway!

Preliminary designs for the East Harlem Greenway link included direct connections from the Bronx over the Willis Avenue and Third Avenue Bridges. Coupled with last year’s commitment to close the gap between 53rd and 61st Streets, this will create a contiguous waterfront esplanade and bikeway nearly 100 blocks long. Creating accessible active space like this will give thousands of New Yorkers the opportunity to get the aerobic activity the American Heart Association recommends for overall cardiovascular health.

Act now to thank Mayor de Blasio for working to complete the Manhattan Greenway and ask your Council Member to support this vital project.

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