Early Childhood Obesity Prevention


Last week, passionate advocates gathered in Cleveland to discuss ways the early childcare setting can impact childhood obesity rates.  It was the second time people gathered and the discussion of certainly fast paced!  At this event, we were fortunate to have two national American Heart Association experts join us - Liz McKnight and AHA volunteer, Sarah Messiah, Ph.D, MPH, from the University of Miami (Florida).  Dr. Messiah discussed her research in activating the childcare setting for change - the challenges and triumphs.  It was great to have an expert on hand to help guide us to the right solutions - those most impactful!

Watch for future updates and alerts. 

In the meantime, do you have a childcare provider?  Get involved and ask questions!  Things to consider:

  • Do they limit TV time?
  • Do they serve healthy snacks and meals?  Does staff eat healthy options in front of the kids?
  • Do they provide plenty of opportunity for physical activity?
  • Do they incorporate learning opportunities on nutrition and physical activity?

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