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Duluth Says No to E-Cigarettes


E-Cigarette use is increasing throughout the country especially among middle and high school students.  Read the latest AHA statement on e-cigarettes here.  Then, check out what Duluth is doing to protect their residents in this Star Tribune article.

Duluth says no to e-cigarettes; state says it will consider options

In Duluth, people puffing on electronic cigarettes will face the same restrictions as those smoking their traditional, tobacco counterparts. The City Council on Monday approved laws prohibiting e-cigarettes in public places, further flaming an already heated debate about how to regulate the quickly growing industry.

“Generation after generation” allowed harmful cigarettes to go unregulated, said Jennifer Julsrud, a City Council member who introduced the ordinances. “Why not do it the right way this time around with e-cigarettes and put in place reasonable, common-sense restrictions?”

Cities across Minnesota that are considering their own rules about how e-cigarettes are sold and smoked have watched as anti-smoking advocates and e-cigarette supporters bombarded Duluth officials with calls, letters and hours of testimony about the battery-powered devices that trade smoke for a vapor mist often tinged with nicotine. One City Council member got e-mails from as far as England. Read the rest of this article here.

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