Dr. Kenneth Maynard, New Jersey


Dr. Maynard is an accomplished scientist who holds degrees in Human Sciences, Neurological Science and Neurobiology.  He has a background in research of Cerebrovascular Disorders, such as stroke.  He served as an Assistant Professor in Surgery (Neurosurgery) at Harvard Medical School and an Assistant Neuroscientist in the Neurological Service at Massachusetts General Hospital, where he led a stroke research laboratory.  He is currently working in the pharmaceutical industry.

In addition to being an elected Fellow of the American Heart Association (F.A.H.A), Dr. Maynard is a dedicated “You’re the Cure” advocate and a member of New Jersey’s Government Relations Advisory Committee.  He has visited our elected representatives in Washington, D.C. on numerous occasions to lend his knowledge and expertise in the area of stroke to American Heart Association advocacy efforts around NIH funding and other important issues.  As a parent, Dr. Maynard is also passionate about efforts to prevent childhood obesity.

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