Dr. Jan Carney: FDA Needs to Regulate E-Cigarettes


Vermont’s Attorney general joined more than 40 others recently to urge the Food and Drug Administration to take action soon to regulate e-cigarettes.

Dr. Carney, a member of the American Heart Association’s Vermont Board and Associate Dean for Public Health at UVM’s Medical School thinks that’s a good idea.  She told Fox 44 that the use of the devices by high school students doubled in just one year.

Dr. Carney is concerned that there’s a misconception that the devices are a safer alternative to cigarettes. There is currently no regulation of the devices by the FDA even though e-cigs contain carcinogens and nicotine, a very addictive chemical that may harm brain development in kids.

She and the AHA would like the devices regulated soon because the devices have a wide appeal that could also normalize smoking and move more kids to smoke. 

Watch the whole interview here.  http://www.mychamplainvalley.com/story/the-dangers-of-e-cigs/d/story/PIPrZC8miEuUxV9blB8nBQ

Vermont currently bans the sale of e-cigs to kids. The AHA is working with the Coalition for a Tobacco Free Vermont to also ban the use of e-cigs in Vermont daycares.

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