Don’t Hesitate to Seek Help

A concerning new pandemic threat: people may die because they’re not calling 911.


Leaders of the American Heart Association and seven other health organizations are speaking out- urging people to call 911 at the first sign of a heart attack, stroke or other health emergency.

Their joint statement begins, “Reports from the front lines of hospitals indicate a marked drop in the number of heart attacks and strokes nationally. But, COVID-19 is definitely not stopping people from having heart attacks, strokes and cardiac arrests. We fear it is stopping people from going to the hospital and that can be devastating.”

While these health leaders acknowledge “you might think a hospital is the last place you should go now,” they went on to stress that “calling 911 immediately is still your best chance of surviving or saving a life.”

American Heart Association President, Dr. Robert Harrington, along with his peers, stressed that it remains safe for people to utilize emergency services and visit the hospital.

Read their full statement here.

Heart Attacks and Strokes Don't Stop During Pandemics.

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