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Do You Support Local Option in Tennessee?

In the state of Tennessee, all smoking policies – no matter how localized – must be passed by the state General Assembly. The American Heart Association is working to change that. 

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We want local people to create their own smoking policies without having to lobby the state. As summer starts up, the American Heart Association is crisscrossing the state, meeting with local leaders and interested parties about Local Option Tobacco Control. These local leaders want the ability to create smoke-free cities and neighborhoods; areas where families can visit without being put at risk by secondhand smoke.

From Covington, to Clarksville, to Chattanooga, people are realizing that not having the ability to create smoke-free policies on the local level is preventing the state from making gains in health. Giving locals the ability to prohibit smoking where they find it necessary would have an immediate impact on the lives of countless Tennesseans.

If you know any local groups or local elected officials in your area, and you would like to get involved with the Local Option campaign, please email [email protected], Community Government Relations Director.

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