Do You Have a Postpartum Story to Share?

Did you know that individuals with pregnancy-related Medicaid coverage typically lose their benefits 60 days after the end of pregnancy, while many other states have extended coverage to 12 months? Wisconsin is falling behind in supporting our new moms.

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The post-delivery period is a time of vulnerability for all new mothers. With your help, we're urging Wisconsin's lawmakers to extend Medicaid coverage to help ensure new moms have continuous, uninterrupted access to care to address their ongoing health needs.

Did you or a loved one experience health issues after delivery? Did you delay seeking medical help due to lack of insurance coverage? Did you need to find a new doctor after delivery due to a change in insurance?

These are the stories Wisconsin lawmakers need to hear.

Your story can help new moms can access continuous, uninterrupted health care up to 12 months postpartum. Please take a brief moment to share your story!

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