Did You Know May is Stroke Month?

What do you do when you are sitting around the table at dinner, or standing at the kitchen counter and the person across from you suddenly starts slurring their words or does not make sense?  What if that person’s face suddenly droops on one side?  Can you recognize the signs that someone is having a stroke?  It’s as easy as remembering the word FAST.  

hero_image_alt_text===Image with Stroke Warning Signs; F.A.S.T., Face, Arm, Speech, Time
thumbnail_alt_text===Image with Stroke Warning Signs; F.A.S.T., Face, Arm, Speech, Time
  • Face droopiness, numbness and weakness
  • Arm numbness and weakness
  • Slurred speech or trouble speaking or understanding
  • Time to call 911 if these or other symptoms occur
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