Despite FDA action, flavored tobacco policy still critical locally.

“Doubt is our Product” is a quote from a former tobacco executive in 1969. Tobacco companies have tried to sew doubt into the minds of Americans for decades. They want you to doubt that their products are harmful to your health. They want you to ignore that the World Health Organization says smokers are likely more vulnerable to severe and potentially life-threatening cases of COVID-19. They want you to forget that they have a history of marketing flavored tobacco, including menthol to communities of color.


There is no doubt, tobacco products are not healthy.

The evidence is clear that flavored tobacco products, such as mango, cotton candy, mint, and menthol have driven this increase. 97% of youth that report using e-cigarettes use a flavored product. One flavored pod can have more nicotine than a pack of cigarettes. More than 70% of black youth that start using tobacco products get hooked by menthol flavored products.

Now, we know the FDA is working on this at a federal level, but it could take years to see any changes and even then, we may not see the policies we know will help curb tobacco use.

This is why we must stop the sale of flavored tobacco products through local and state policies. Flavored tobacco masks the harsh taste of tobacco, making it easier to use and easier to become addicted. By ending the sale of flavored tobacco, we can curb a lifetime of negative health impacts and even death for generations to come.

Reach out to your Grassroots Manager to learn how you can impact flavored tobacco policy in your community.

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