Dennise and Sarah Save the Day!

Here is one of many ways that volunteers help AHA make Maine a healthier state.

hero_image_alt_text===Volunteering is a work of heart

Sometimes life gets in the way of your job, or, your job gets in they way of your job.

Tuesday was that day for me. As Government Relations Director for Maine, one of my favorite tasks is to bring the AHA message to groups of like-minded Mainers. I attend conferences, seminars and annual meetings to share our great work. I love doing it. The American Heart Association has so much to offer. However, even I can't be in two places at once. That is when I depend on volunteers.

Two of the American Heart Association's advocacy committee members, Sarah Porter and Dennise Whitley, spent Tuesday at the Maine Public Health Association's Annual meeting to deliver our message and to show our support of the great work of MPHA. It is a great event with hundreds of public health folks ready to learn and network. I was sad to miss it.

Sarah has her Masters in Public Health and Dennise was my predecessor at AHA, so they jumped at the opportunity to attend. They juggled their schedules around and tag-teamed the event.

One of the benefits to having dedicated, experienced volunteers is that they don't need any training and can cover in a pinch.

You should know, however, that one of my other favorite tasks at the AHA is training new volunteers. I love training new enthusiastic volunteers.

If you want to help represent the AHA across Maine, please shoot me an email. I can take you for coffee, meet you near your work or home or even just chat on the phone. [email protected]

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