More Wyoming leaders are beginning to support state-level plans to receive Medicaid expansion dollars. Michigan, Ohio and Indiana are among 10 states with Republican governors that have already expanded Medicaid in recent years. Some states have used innovative policy solutions to do so. Indiana and Iowa used Medicaid dollars to pay premiums for private health plans for poor people, an approach that requires federal approval, and under federal rules must be budget neutral and offer comprehensive coverage.

In another western state, the Governor of Nevada, Brian Sandavol (R), was the first to start the trend in 2012 and his state has seen billions of dollars that have helped balance the state budget. Governor Sandavol’s plan has helped an additional 78,000 Nevadans access health care.

Although many Republican Governor’s oppose Obamacare, they know that it is currently a reality and provides federal funding that their states could use. Governor of Wyoming Matt Mead (R) is supporting an innovative solution to expand health care coverage for the residents of his state.

“The legal challenge has been done and I think the legal challenges were appropriate,” he said. “But now it’s with us. And it is so intertwined with so many people across the country. We’re hopeful it can get better, but I just don’t see much chance that this is going to be wiped off the books when a new president comes in. So now I have to say, 'What do we do for our citizens who don’t have health care? What do we do for our budget? What do we do that is the best for Wyoming citizens?' understanding it is the law of the land.” #DemandAPlanforWY

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