Delaware Legislative Kicks off

As we welcome the New Year, the American Heart Association will be working with elected officials to prioritize the overall health and wellbeing of Delawareans. The 2021 DE Legislative Session kicked off recently – and we are ready to promote a broad range of policies. The world around us has changed in countless ways, but our mission to be a relentless force for a world of longer, healthier lives is more important than ever. 


Our top priorities for 2021 include:

  • Eliminating the sale of ALL flavored tobacco products that are appealing to youth and are fueling tobacco and nicotine addiction in the next generation.
  • Securing adequate funding for tobacco prevention and cessation programs.
  • Increasing funding for early childhood care and education.
  • Encouraging investments in walking, biking, parks and outdoor recreation.
  • Promoting health equity by securing funding targeted at heart disease, stroke and related risk factors and the disparities that exist in these areas.
  • Ensuring access to healthcare that is high quality, affordable and includes the benefits needed to prevent and treat heart disease and stroke.
  • Ensuring continued access to clinically appropriate telehealth services.

Thank you for your continued support and advocacy. We will keep you posted on the status of our legislative proposals in the months ahead.  Please keep an eye out for action alerts – YOUR actions will be critical to our success!

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