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We are getting ready to rumble!  We expect the 2015 DC Council session to be eventful and productive.  Get a load of the issues we are preparing to work on, and join us, if you’d like, for a short call January 21st to learn details and how you can help. RSVP to join the Jan 21 Session Prep Call: [email protected]

CPR Training in Schools - Require CPR training as a requirement for high school graduation in DC schools.  Right now, less than 11% of people suffering out-of-hospital cardiac arrest survive, and training a new class of young citizens in CPR every year can change this frightening statistic. 

Put your two cents in now to alert our legislators we need to solve this problem!

Heart Defect Screening for Newborns - Require all birthing facilities to perform screening for critical congenital heart defects using pulse oximetry on every newborn prior to discharge.  This inexpensive, painless test done shortly after birth alerts the medical team to a potentially fatal condition and allows the opportunity for life-saving intervention.  

We’ll also be working to

- Promote sustainable funding for District tobacco prevention and control programs that meet or exceed Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommendations.

- Require the DC Medicaid program to cover cessation services for current tobacco users, including both counseling and pharmacotherapy, with no or minimal cost sharing.

- Promote healthy food and beverage vending and service standards for all units of District government that are consistent with AHA or federal nutrition standards.

Thanks for being by our side!  We couldn’t do this without you:  You’re the Cure advocates work to support and advocate for public policies that will help improve the cardiovascular health of Americans and reduce deaths by coronary heart disease and stroke.   If our voice is loud enough this session, we can impact the lives of many Washingtonians for many years to come! 

Click here to send your customizable letter to support CPR training in schools now.


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