DC City Council Joins Get to Goal!


DC City Council and the Baltimore City Council have challenged each other to have 100% staff and council participation in the AHA Heart 360 program for the next four months.  Watch the video below to see a message from Yvette Alexander on the challenge.

(Please visit the site to view this video)

On April 25th, Councilwoman Yvette Alexander and the American Heart Association joined forces to co-sponsor a Get to Goal event.  Blood pressures were taken and people were signed up for Get to Goal.  Participants also had access to a wealth of heart health information and were able to try a recipe from the AHA’s new Low-Salt Cookbook.  Information about stroke warnings signs was also distributed.

The event was inspired in part by DC’s Worksite Wellness policy that promotes healthy choices among employees.

Did you know that most people do not realize they have high blood pressure?  High blood pressure, the silent killer, is a condition that greatly increases your risk of heart disease and stroke, especially when it goes unmanaged.  The American Heart Association/American Stroke Association’s hypertension initiative, Get to Goal, is here to help provide people with knowledge about high blood pressure, and provide participants with a tool to keep track of their blood pressure.

To learn more about DC’s Get to Goal program and to enroll yourself to track and manage your heart health visit the Get to Goal – Washington, DC website.

Do you have a hypertension story?  Care to share? If so, click here.


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