Dawn Wigginton, Kentucky

Our daughter, Kolee, loves the water! During the summer it’s nothing for her to swim every day for hours at a time. With that being said, someone is always with her, but not always standing over her, watching her do her “tricks.”

hero_image_alt_text===Wigginton Family on a boat
thumbnail_alt_text===Wigginton Family on a boat

On this particular day she asked her two older sisters to watch what she could do, but while watching, they both started to get scared. She was under water way too long and making weird movements. Without hesitation our oldest daughter, Sunni, jumped into the pool and pulled Kolee to the surface. This is when they realized she wasn’t breathing and began the only CPR she knew, hands-only CPR. (Thanks to a UofL basketball interactive commercial break, Sunni was taught hands-only CPR to the song, “Staying Alive.")

Our other daughter immediately dialed 911 and was given instructions on what to do. During this chaotic and emotional time, both daughters began to become overwhelmed because Kolee was not responding, however the 911 operator kept reminding them of what steps to take.

I am thankful for everyone who played a part in saving my daughter’s life, and blessed to say today, Kolee is a happy and healthy 10 year old!

--Dawn Wigginton

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