Dan Moran, An Advocate with Heart

An American Heart Association volunteer for more than fifteen years, Dan Moran knows a thing or two about advocacy.

hero_image_alt_text===Dan Moran, third from the right, with advocates at our Tobacco 21 Lobby Day.

His eagerness to help with AHA’s policy efforts, in any way, has proven to be invaluable over the years.

Dan is a heart survivor himself, who says that without the American Heart Association driving research and innovation in healthcare and heart disease, he probably wouldn’t be here today. A proud member of New York’s Advocacy Committee where he is serving as chair, Dan says he is a firm believer in continuing the agenda of the American Heart Association to help protect our grandchildren, children, and so many others. Looking out for the health of New Yorkers by passing heart focused legislation is why he never hesitates to send in a Letter to the Editor, or most recently, be a team leader during our Tobacco 21 Lobby Day.

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