Da Bux Program Gets Additional Funding from the Governor

Much to everyone’s surprise funding for the “Da Bux” program did not pass in the 2023 state legislative session despite the fact that the bill had unanimous support in all legislative hearings and floor votes. It, like many other measures, ran out of time in the hectic finish of conference committee negotiations.

Thankfully the Legislature provided the Governor with discretionary funding in the state budget for additional programs. With help from advocates like you the American Heart Association, along with coalition partners, was successful in getting Governor Green to allocate $500,000 to the Hawaii Department of Agriculture to support the “Da Bux”, Hawaii's Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) incentive program.

hero_image_alt_text===The Da Bux logo of a plant with the words da bux double up food bucks underneath.
thumbnail_alt_text===The Da Bux logo of a plant with the words da bux double up food bucks underneath.

The Da Bux program incentivizes the purchase of fresh produce by Hawaii SNAP recipients​ by allowing doubling the value at participating food markets when they use their SNAP funding to purchase qualifying produce products.

The funds were recently released and will soon be able to be used to help those in Hawaii who need it.

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