CVS Will Stop Selling Tobacco Products!


We have made great progress in the fight against tobacco and today one more step was made! By October 1, CVS will no longer sell tobacco products in any of its 7,600 stores. This is a huge step taken by a chain pharmacy to date especially with the loss of revenue they will face.

CVS’s decision will reduce the availability of cigarettes and other tobacco products and sends a message to the public especially children, that tobacco use is harmful. CVS has recognized that selling tobacco products is against their commitment to improving the health of its customers.  We hope that other pharmacies quickly follow CVS’s example.
As we mark the 50th anniversary of the first Surgeon General’s report that stated that smoking kills 480,000 Americans annually, sickens millions more and costs the nation more than $289 billion in health care expenses and other economic costs every year we applaud CVS’s decision to end tobacco sales.

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