Cutting through the Social Media Cutler with the help of Advocacy Volunteers


State Representative Betsy Ritter, Bob Connors from NBC Connecticut, along with You’re the Cure Volunteer, Bruce Hoffman, participated on a panel at the American Heart Association’s Founders Affiliate Health Strategies Department retreat. The panel discussion allowed members from the government relations, communications, and the grassroots departments to glean valuable information from those that are the primary targets for issue based social media campaigns and You're the Cure “calls to action”.

The panel focused on cutting through social media cutler. The panelists gave the audience their perspective on what is the most affective way to grab their attention. Representative Ritter shared that a personal touch gets her attention and using social media must be complemented with a “live” grassroots effort. Bruce Hoffman stressed that he was more likely to engage with a social media campaign if it was “to the point”, “formatted correctly to his mobile device” and “an action step was clearly indicated” within the message.  

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