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Food access for all Virginians has made a splash in the news throughout the Commonwealth. Check out some of the highlights below! Follow #CloserToMyGrocer on Twitter and Facebook.

1/24/2018 National Public Radio - Advocates Hope to Address Virginia Food Deserts with New Fund

1/23/2018 WVTF Music - Grocery Fund Would Help Kickstart Access to Food

1/18/2018 Richmond Times Dispatch - Advocates hand grocery bags to legislators in support of VA Grocery Investment Fund

1/11/2018 The Virginian Pilot - Virginia Grocery Investment Fund Seeks to End 'Food Deserts'

1/11/2018 WTVR CBS6 - 'Not a political issue, a human issue': Lawmakers tackle food deserts

1/11/2018 WDBJ7 - Virginia Grocery Investment Fund to target food deserts in the state

1/11/2018 The Washington Post - Virginia Grocery Investment Fund Seeks to End 'Food Deserts'

1/11/2018 WWBT NBC12 - Virginia Grocery Investment Fund Seeks to End 'Food Deserts'

1/11/2018 The Eagle - Virginia Grocery Investment Fund Seeks to End 'Food Deserts'

1/1/2018 Richmond Times Dispatch - Dorothy McAuliffe column: Virginia puts end of childhood hunger in sight

12/31/2017 The News Virginian - Uncertainty remains, but local legislators ready to work

12/27/2017 Public News Service - VA Grocery Investment Fund Would Target Neglected Communities

12/25/2017 Shore Daily News - Advocates Support McAuliffe's Funding for Va. Grocery Investment Fund

12/18/2017 WTVR - Gov. McAuliffe's final budget focuses on education, Medicaid

12/6/2017 WSET - Locals hope new bill will bring grocery stores to rural areas

12/4/2017 You're the Cure - Stories from the Field: Fresh Food in Every Community

11/28/2017 WSLS - Martinsville city council urging support for state grocery fund program

11/17/2017 WRIC - Development aims to improve community health in Richmond's east end

10/17/2017 You're the Cure - Richmond's 'Tale of Two Cities' Highlighted by Walking Tour

9/29/2017 WRIC - Groups in Richmond are working to improve access to healthy food

9/22/2017 Richmond Free Press - Support for Virginia Grocery Investment Fund

9/19/2017 You're the Cure - Closer to my Grocer Roundtable

9/10/2017 Richmond Times-Dispatch - Initiatives underway to combat Richmond's food deserts

9/5/2017 Urban Views Weekly - The Case for a Virginia Grocery Investment Fund is Made

9/3/2017 Roanoke Times - Letter: Food banks support Warner bill

9/1/2017 Richmond Free Press - First Lady kicks off initiative to attract grocers to Va.'s food deserts

8/28/2017 WRIC - Round table addresses need for access to healthy food

8/28/2017 NPR - First Lady, Legislators Renew Push for State Grocery Investment Fund

6/21/2017 You're the Cure - Hello, Virginia!

6/17/2017 Richmond Times Dispatch - Overcoming Virginia's food deserts

6/3/2017 Richmond Times Dispatch - Marcus Scarborough and Matthew Frederick: One store in Danville will bring life to a Virginia food desert

3/17/2017 Roanoke Times - Let's put healthy eating within kid's reach in Southwest Virginia

2/22/2017 You're the Cure - How Close is Your Grocer

tweet screenshot from Dorothy McAuliffe @FirstLadyVA \

1/17/2017 Richmond Times Dispatch - Healthy food can be a challenge

11/21/2016 Public News Service - A Cautionary Report Heading into Thanksgiving

9/12/2016 Richmond Times Dispatch - For heart health, increase access to healthy food, AHA says

8/25/2016 Public News Service - VA Voters Favor State Fund to Bring Grocers to Underserved

6/26/2016 WVEC - Food Deserts: Effects on the heart

2/20/2016 Richmond Times Dispatch - McQuinn: Remedy for food deserts

2/6/2016 The Virginian Pilot - Judy Lyttle: Grocery in every community

1/10/2016 Roanoke Times - Wyeth: Help grocers bring healthy foods to Va.'s food deserts

12/28/2015 The Virginian Pilot - Letter: Putting healthy food within reach

12/26/2015 Daily Press - Fighting food deserts

12/21/2015 Suffolk News Herald - Healthy food financing would help millions

10/23/2015 You're the Cure - What if You Couldn't Reach Your Grocer?

7/16/2015 You're the Cure - Shouldn't Every Child Have Healthy Food?

hero_image_alt_text===Tood Haymore, Secretary of Commerce and Trade, being interviewed