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CT Considers Creating A Stroke System Of Care

There is a saying within the stroke community that “time is brain.” 

hero_image_alt_text===A group of more than a dozen dedicated American Heart Association | American Stroke Association advocates,.

The typical patient loses 1.9M neurons each minute in which stroke is untreated. So, when you or a loved one experiences stroke, you want it to be recognized quickly, and for emergency medical services (EMS) personnel to get you to the most appropriate facility, where they can offer you the best possible outcome. 

Each year, thousands of lives are lost to heart attack and stroke. One piece of the puzzle to saving more lives is to improve coordination between emergency services, health professionals and treatment facilities. At one time, CT had a system in place to certify and recognize different levels of stroke centers throughout the state. That system also provided patient transport protocols for EMS personnel so that they knew which facility was most appropriate to bring their patients to. Unfortunately, this program was retired in 2014.

Now, Senate Bill 34, currently before the Public Health committee, would reestablish this process.

On Friday, February 10, a group of more than a dozen dedicated American Heart Association | American Stroke Association advocates, including survivors, physicians, hospital stroke coordinators, and EMS personnel, testified before the committee in favor of passing this life saving legislation.

Click here to take action and tell your lawmakers you support an improved system of stroke care in CT!

In the attached picture, from left to right, are:

Andy DeLoreto; Dr. Amre Nouh; Dawn Beland; Dr. Charles Wira; Jessica Winkler; Jamie Lazaroff; Jessica Sposito; Kristen Hickey; Karin Nystrom; Jennifer Nascimento, and; Dr. Mark Alberts.




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