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Crunch Time at the Capitol! Take Action Today!


It’s crunch time at the Capitol in Lincoln on several important issues that our volunteer advocates have been working on throughout this session.  Your senator needs to hear from you to ensure the initiatives that will improve our cardiovascular in Nebraska are on the minds of our legislators as they hear testimony and vote on these issues. 

The Stroke System of Care Act would ensure stroke victims get the fast treatment they need for the best chance at a full recovery. Immediate access to the right care, including clot-busting drugs and interventions, can mean the difference between a full recovery, or a lifetime of disability--or even death. LB 722 will help develop a coordinated stroke system in Nebraska, ensuring timely access to a hospital that is best equipped to meet the specific needs of stroke patients.

Your Senator needs to hear from you today on the Stroke System of Care Act!

We also working to reduce the impact of tobacco on our health in Nebraska.  The time has come to increase the tobacco tax, and the reason is simple:  increasing the tobacco tax will save lives from tobacco-related illnesses, and it will save health care costs for our state.

It is estimated that by increasing the tobacco tax by $1.50 per pack of cigarettes, an estimated 12,000 of our youth will not become addicted to tobacco.  That means a significant reduction in long term tobacco-related chronic illnesses because citizens never started smoking in the first place.  It also means a significant savings in health care costs for our state.  An estimated $795 million in annual health care costs in Nebraska is directly caused by smoking.  $795 million every year!  

Contact your Senator today and ask him/her to support an increase in the Tobacco Tax when it comes before him/her for a vote. 

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