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CPR is coming to Montana Schools

On April 14th, Governor Bullock signed Senate Bill 135 into law.

hero_image_alt_text===Volunteers with Governor at bill signing
thumbnail_alt_text===Volunteers with Governor at bill signing

For some, this was just another day at the Capitol, but for AHA staff and volunteers this was a special day.  Senate Bill 135 is legislation that requires the Montana Office of Public Instruction to work with school districts to provide CPR and First Aid education. 

Senator Edie McClafferty (D-Butte), sponsored this important legislation at the request of her local EMS agency.  The need is clear; Montana simply does not have enough citizens capable of performing CPR.  This important step will push more schools to provide CPR.  If every high school senior in Montana was taught CPR, we would graduate more than 10,000 life savers into our communities every year.

Fabulous American Heart Association Volunteer, Heidi Stewart, testified during committee hearings on SB 135.  She told her incredible story of surviving a cardiac arrest in high school- thanks to her teachers who knew CPR.  Heidi bravely shared her story in the hopes that legislators would see the importance of this bill and it worked.  The legislation is effective immediately.  

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