CPR in Schools Bill Introduced

I’m excited to share that CPR in Schools legislation has been introduced! SB 221 by Senator Gray-Jackson will ensure that students learn hands-only CPR prior to graduation. I was recently in Juneau and had the opportunity to speak with the Senator as well as Fire Chief’s across the state who are enthusiastic about seeing this bill passed!


hero_image_alt_text===Person doing CPR on dummy
thumbnail_alt_text===Person doing CPR on dummy

More than 350,0000 people, including 23,000 children, experience cardiac arrest outside of a hospital annually, and nearly 90 percent are fatal. Getting people to act quickly in a cardiac arrest emergency is critical to a victim’s survival because time is not on their side. When a CPR-trained bystander is near, and can act quickly and effectively, survival rates can double— even triple.

CPR can mean the difference between the life and death of a loved one. It may be the most valuable lesson a student can learn: How to save the life of a loved one, teacher or friend by performing the simple steps of CPR. Forty states and Washington, DC require students be taught hands-only CPR. We need to get Alaska on the map!

Teaching students Hands-Only CPR using psychomotor skills will add thousands of trained rescuers who will be ready, willing and able to act whenever they witness an emergency at home or within the community and can potentially save thousands of lives every year.

SB 221 is key to the American Heart Association's goal of doubling the cardiac arrest survival rate by 2030 by turning bystanders into lifesavers. Please take action now to let legislators know how important this bill is!

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