CPR in Schools Bill Gains Momentum

South Dakota may very well be the next state to change the 35+ states who have included hands only CPR training as a part of their curriculum.  SB 140 was approved out of the Senate on a 33-0 vote and now moves to the House.  

hero_image_alt_text===Picture of youth practicing CPR
thumbnail_alt_text===Picture of youth practicing CPR

SB 140 has the potential to train more than 11,000 students every year statewide. Many of these students are located in very rural communities and homes which have much longer EMS wait times than the state average of ten minutes. An added benefit is that is allows local emergency medical technicians and paramedics to connect with students to help grow the future of EMS work force in South Dakota.   

You can add your voice to this important, life-saving initiative by contacting House Education committee members and asking them to approve SB 140.  The life it saves could be your own!


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