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CPR Saves Another Life


CPR is a key component to survival when sudden cardiac arrest occurs. Chances of survival from sudden cardiac are about 10% - but a victim has zero chance of survival if CPR is not administered right away.  Survival from sudden cardiac arrest shouldn't depend upon where it happens - and it can happen anywhere.  If everyone was trained in Hands Only CPR, imagine the impact that could have on survival of sudden cardiac arrest.  Mike Bartholomew is Why we are so passionate about CPR.  Read Mike's story HERE

We have an opportunity in Nebraska to put thousands of life-savers into our communities each and every year by ensuring all students are trained in CPR prior to their high school graduation. Almost anyone c12 years and older has the physical strength to perform Hands Only CPR, they just need the training.  What better place than in school than to train students how to save a life? 

What can you do?  Contact your senator and let the know you want kids to learn CPR in their schools.  Let's put Nebraska on the map with the more than 20 states to require CPR as a high school graduation requirement.  CPR is Why. Mike Bartholomew is Why. 


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