CPR in Schools--You did it!



You did it! A measure that will help train millions of Texans in lifesaving CPR has been approved by the Texas Legislature and is now headed to the Governor. Lawmakers in Texas took a final vote in favor of HB 897 which will allow for CPR training in Texas high schools. 

Please click here and ask Governor Rick Perry to sign this bill and thank our YES votes!

When a sudden cardiac arrest occurs every second critical and the first 5-10 minutes can often be the difference between life and death. We want to build a proactive general public that can respond in an emergency situation.

Bystander CPR can double or even triple a victim’s chance of survival. This measure will teach basic CPR skills to hundreds of thousands of students every year.

While this bill has overwhelmingly passed the House and Senate, we are not quite to the finish line. We need to ensure Governor Perry signs HB 897 into law so that lifesaving impact of this can be felt across Texas. We would also like to thank our legislative champions for their leadership on this issue:

Rep. John Zerwas-House Author
Rep. Charlie Geren-Co-Author
Rep. Jason Isaac-Co-Author
Sen. Chuy Hinijosa-Senate Sponsor

We would not be in this position without their persistent effort to pass the bill.

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