CPR in Schools Victory in Vermont!


Hard work pays off. After 6 months of lobbying lawmakers in Vermont, 8thgrader Tommy Watson and many other AHA volunteers were successful in having Governor Shumlin sign a bill to include CPR and AED instruction in health education courses. By including both “hands-only” and AED components to the education plan, Vermont is gearing up to train the next generation of lifesavers.

Advocate Tommy Watson played a large role in getting this bill to the governor’s desk, including testifying in front of lawmakers and being interview by local press. He even trained the governor in “hands-only” CPR before the bill signing.

“I am really excited to have CPR in schools legislation passed,” said Watson in an interview. “It was a huge achievement accomplished. It means a lot to me knowing future generations of Vermont youth are going to be able to potentially make a difference by using this life-saving technique. It is also an honor to be training the Governor of Vermont.”

The Governor was equally impressed with Tommy.

“Tommy is an example to other students of how one Vermonter can make a real difference at the State House,” said Governor Shumlin.

Congratulations to all the AHA Staff and Volunteers for this victory!

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