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CPR in Schools: Help Rhode Island Take the Next Step


Did you know that only 10 percent of victims who suffer cardiac arrest outside of a hospital setting survive? That’s right ONLY 10 PERCENT SURVIVE.  Most die because they do not receive bystander cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).  The numbers are both staggering and tragic. 

So how do we change this dire statistic? The good news is that Rhode Island is already on the right path. Thanks to the outreach of You’re the Cure advocates like YOU, RI was one of the early states to enact a CPR in Schools Law that requires every high school student in the state to receive hands-on CPR training and an overview of AED use prior to graduation as part of the health education curriculum, creating a new generation of lifesavers.

But our work is not over. High schools need our help to ensure full implementation of the CPR in Schools Law. That’s why we’re asking the state purchase new equipment/CPR manikins for all public high schools. We want to make certain that all students in the Ocean State receive high quality CPR training. 

Click the following link to tell the Governor-Elect to fund CPR in Schools:

Cardiac arrest occurs when the heart’s electrical system abruptly malfunctions and the heart suddenly stops beating normally. It is often confused with a heart attack, which typically happens when blocked arteries prevent blood from reaching the heart’s muscles. There is hope for cardiac arrest victims, but time is the enemy. To survive cardiac arrest, they must receive immediate CPR to increase the blood flow to the heart and brain, along with an electrical shock from a defibrillator to stop the abnormal heart rhythm.

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