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CPR in Schools Campaign Gearing Up


Right now, work is going on behind the scenes to prepare for our campaign to get CPR set up as a graduation requirement for high school in South Carolina.  With the South Carolina General Assembly session scheduled to begin in January, much must be done to position us for success. 

Eighty-nine percent of people who suffer an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest die because they don’t receive immediate CPR from someone on the scene.  By training all students in this lifesaving skill, we will expand our community’s readiness to respond in a cardiac emergency by scores of individuals every year.

Educating and engaging key stakeholders in the community are important components, and that process is well underway. Organizations such as the South Carolina Nurses Association, local first responder agencies, and others have a vested interest, and their support could be critical.

In addition, to submit a bill for consideration in the General Assembly, it must have legislative sponsors.  With elections behind us we can now determine who will be in office and in a position to support the bill. 

Building our grassroots network, the corps of advocates like you willing to help drive the campaign, is also paramount.  You can help by sharing this post by email and on Facebook, and by inviting your friends, family and other contacts to join the effort at  We would not underestimate the significance of this support.  It brings the power of numbers into play as the network raises its voice through-out session to tell our Representatives what their constituents want. 


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